“Baptism is first and foremost the Sacrament of faith by which human beings, enlightened by the grace of the Holy Spirit, respond to the Gospel of Christ . . . Baptism is the Sacrament by which human beings are incorporated into the Church and are built up together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit, and into a royal priesthood and a holy nation; it is also a sacramental bond of unity linking all who are signed by it.”

From the General Instruction for Christian Initiation

Christian Initiation for Adults

Adults seeking Baptism, enter the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults after a period of Inquiry during which they can ask questions and learn a little more about Christian faith in the Catholic communion. In the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults, these adults will make a journey of discernment, faith formation and growth in faith leading towards full initiation into the Catholic Church through the three Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Interested adults can begin the process of Inquiry by calling the parish office and setting up an appointment with our pastor, Fr. Michael.

Baptism of Children

“From the first centuries, the Church, to whom the mission of evangelizing and baptizing has been given, baptized not only adults, but also children. Since the Lord said, ‘No one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit’ (John 3:5), the Church has always understood that children are not to be deprived of Baptism, inasmuch as they are baptized in the faith of the Church herself, which is proclaimed by the parents and godparents and the others present.”

From the Introduction to The Order of Baptism of Children, no. 2.

Parents of children under the age of seven years can seek Baptism for their children in Saint Junipero Serra Parish. Please read the attached PDF guidelines for Baptism of Children. Then you can download the PDF Baptism Form here, complete it and send it to the parish office. For further information, please contact the parish office.