Parish Stewardship

Being a Christian is about communion with God and communion with each other. We are about building and sustaining the Kingdom of God. Experiencing this relationship will help us adjust how we use our time and treasure if we fully appreciated it was about the faith. Time, talent and treasure are elements we use to grow in our faith. Giving generously of one’s treasure is not only about what the church needs, but my need to give and return to God. We believe that we build this relationship through prayer.

Stewardship calls people to recognize possessions as gifts of God’s love. Created in the image of God, human beings must use these gifts for their own good and the good of others whereby we offer to God the prayerful acknowledgement of His sovereignty.  The powerful scene of the Last Judgment in Matthew’s Gospel reminds us that the Lord will judge us according to the measure of how we used our possessions as means of love and charity. Stewardship helps us to discern in prayer how to share our TIME, TREASURE, and TALENT with our parish community and with other children of God in need.